PRO FREEZE arising out of the inspiration from Prime Herb Products Company which interested in studying Thai Traditional Medicine to treat the body injuries by using Thai Herbs. Which discovered that many kinds of Thai Herbs are only one can heal the body injury is Derris Scandens Benth

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 The strong belief in the properties of this herb combine with the medical experiment result of Derris Scandens Benth causing the idea to produce Thai Herbal Cool Spray to reduce inflammation like medicine in the NSAIDS group which contain the ingredient that helps reduce the symptom such as Diclofenac or Methyl Salicylate etc.

As we known that all Herbal Products have limitation and complicated method called “PAIN POINTs” such as (1) Be difficult or more complicated to use (2) The color of herb that many mess up clothes (3) The smell of herb maybe too strong. Concerning to these pain points made us continuous research and development (R&D) into innovative natural herbal product extraction become “PRO FREEZE under FDA Thailand G131/64”

Today PRO FREEZE is the Thailand’s no. 1 Herbal Cool Spray for muscle relaxation innovative natural herbal extract, modern, easy to use, absorbs quickly and does not require massage “not need to rub in” use suitable for people who love health, like to exercise, athlete and the elder people.


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